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Efile for nail prep

Using an E-file in a nail treatment can significantly speed up the process, as well as reduce the physical effects from repetitive use of hand filing. E-files have experienced their fair share of negative press in the past, but used correctly and with correct training, e-files are perfectly safe and can dramatically reduce prep and removal time, which means less stress on the tech.

RPM – What is it?

RPM stands for Revolutions/Rotations Per Minute, this is the speed of the e-file when the bit is spinning in the handpiece.

Typically the higher the RPM, the faster the drill bit is rotating. We recommend using a low RPM on natural nails or when prepping/finishing near the cuticle area and using a higher RPM for taking down product (debulking).

Let’s talk about Torque …

Nail techs often look for RPM’s when shopping for an e-file, but RPM’s only tell you how fast the e-file can spin. The RPM doesn’t tell you how well the e-file can function when actually filing a material or its ability to keep spinning.

Torque is the power behind the speed that the e-file uses to rotate, while in contact with a friction point. Torque is measured in Ncm (Newton-centimetre). RPM and torque need each other. The higher the torque, the more efficient the e-file is. Torque is the rotational force and is generated in the handpiece. In other words, the torque is the power of the machine. Without this, it doesn’t matter how high your RPM is your e-file will skip or stop.

Looking after your handpiece.

The handpiece is the most important part of your e-file, this is where the magic happens. It’s where the motor, technology and ultimately all the expensive parts live. The battery pack (the box part) is just the power control, it provides the electricity to the handpiece and allows you to turn it on and off and control the speed. Look after both but most importantly the handpiece.

Try to keep your hand piece clean at all times. Keep dust away from the opening of your handpiece when removing and inserting bits to avoid packing dust inside. Keep solvents far away from your e-file.

Take care of the cords too, don’t get them tangled, bent, worn out or pulled.

Need for Speed

It’s important to know what speed to work at. Different e-files drill bits are designed to be used at different speeds, know your drill bits and their purpose. It’s important to know what speed you’re working at. E-files with digital displays make this very easy for the nail tech to see at a glance.

“I can’t hear you”

Your e-file should be too noisy or vibrate. A good file should be too noisy, you should comfortably be able to hold a conversation with your client. It also shouldn’t vibrate, if it is vibrating, it may be time for a new one, this too can cause physical problems lie Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

Lastly, don’t forget the bits…

Clean your bits! keep your drill bits sanitised between clients, keeping these clean and dust free will help keep your handpiece clean too.

Remember, E-files and drill bits are designed for the professional nail tech, so it’s important to buy from a professional retailer. These are the tools of your trade, so we recommend buying and investing in a reputable company with knowledge and training.

If you’d like more information on the Hush Efile from PersoNAILity, training or just a chat, please get in touch:


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