If like us you lost your mojo sometime back in 2020 and you’re struggling with the monotony of lockdown 3.0, missing friends and family, salons being closed and a Pornstar Martini on a Friday night at your local bar, we understand!  If you can’t get those creative juices flowing for love nor money, don’t worry, we’ve got you!

See our tips below for helping to get that creative fire back in your belly again!

1. Do nothing

Yes you heard right – Let go for a bit. A creative block can come from the pressure you put on yourself to do something. Give your mind, body and soul a rest,  Reboot.  This may unwittingly lift a weight that’s been stopping you from feeling inspired.  Be careful not to spend too much time in this phase though!

2. Set aside time every day to be creative  

Practice discipline, set aside the same amount of time EVERY DAY for being creative, by doing this, you are treating it with the same importance as you would with any other commitments. No excuses!

3. Set yourself Challenges

Try setting yourself little challenges. This gives your creativity a direction or purpose and will help you to feel more like you’ve achieved something each day.

4. Create a Moodboard

We love a mood board! This can be done the old fashioned way (this is our favourite) or by using something like Instagram or Pinterest to collate all the things that inspire you together in one place.

5. Unfollow people on Instagram

Stop comparing yourself to others. It’s so easy in times like this when you’re cooped up indoors to find yourself falling into an instagram rabbithole that usually ends with self comparison and feeling not good enough. Go ahead and unfollow anyone that leaves you feeling unworthy and start to follow more people who inspire you!

6. Read a book or listen to a podcast

If we’re lacking inspiration, we love nothing better than getting stuck into a new book! Try a new genre that you’ve never read before or treat yourself to an artsy book to give you some inspo.  But if reading isn’t your thing then a podcast is a great way to learn too. We love an inspirational true story or motivational podcast.

7. Collaborate

Collaborating on a creative project with someone else is a great motivator for both parties!  Find someone who also wants a project, share your ideas and get started!

8. Do an online course

There are so many online courses available and many are free.  Learn something new, specialise in a certain area, subject or refresh your knowledge.  A course is perfect for when you need a creativity boost. 

9. Embrace the change in pace

Try to see the slowing in pace as a small silver lining- many of us are our most creative when we are fully rested and can have time alone with our thoughts without distractions! Try  embracing the extra time and see what comes from it! You may feel a new lease of inspiration!

We hope this helps any of you reading at home who are struggling with finding your creative flow while in lockdown.  

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