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The ‘Split” – 5-in-1 Multi Tool

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We are delighted to introduce to you The ‘Split’ from PersoNAILity. The first nail tool in the world of its kind, designed and developed in the UK by Jenni, this ingenious tool comes with five essential, interchangeable heads and two handles. For ease, the heads effortlessly screw into the handles so nail techs can customise their favourite manicure tools with a few simple twists.

Attachments are available to purchase separately as well as attachments for those who are left-handed, meaning everyone can benefit from this beautiful tool kit.

Tools can be removed immediately after use on a client and sanitised, waiting to be rinsed and ready for the next client, optimising time and ensuring high levels of hygienic practice.

All the tools are made from medical grade stainless steel and coated in Titanium Carbide, for hygiene and longevity.

The ‘Split’ PersoNAILity is available in Gold, Silver & Bronze.

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Bronze, Gold, Silver


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