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Contrary to popular belief, nail tools have been around for centuries, yep, that’s right they weren’t invented this century! Who knew!

In fact the oldest evidence of nail care dates back to the Egyptions around 5000 BC. Egyptians believed that long nails symbolised wisdom and nail colour reflected social status – the higher the status, the darker the colour. Queen Nefertiti and later Cleopatra considered the appearance of their own hands and nails to be a reflection of their wealth and status in society.

The oldest find of a manicure set in the world was made of gold and dated back to 3200 BC. This proves that the inhabitants of ancient Babylonia took care of their nails. Babylonian women painted their nails with gold and silver and the men with kohl. Again, the colour of their nails reflecting the status in society, as well as their warrior experience.

The Chinese are said to have been the first to create nail polish around 3000 BC from a mixture of egg whites, gelatine, wax and dyes. They dipped their nails in this mixture and the long shiny, coloured nails were a sign of wealth and status in society. Archaelogical findings show that small metal knives were used to shorten nails and metals sticks to clean them.

The first ‘true’ manicure sets did not appear in Europe until the 18th Century and were created for Louis XVI. His wife, Marie Antoinette, cared for her nails with a “lime a ongles” tool, similar to a nail file, made from pumice stone. The stone was carved into a pencil shape and was used for filing the nails and cleaning underneath them.

At the beginning of the 19th Century the orange stick became popular in Europe for pushing back the cuticles. The 19th Century saw the development of many new nail care tools. With the development of modern manicure tools and nail care, manicure and pedicures became accessible to the general public.

The first nail polish was colourless and appeared on 1907. The addition of colour didn’t come until the 1920’s with the development of the car industry, women used to paint their nails with car polish! In 1932 the first nail polish was invented by Charles Revson (Revlon). New colours were quickly added and for the first time in history the appearance of nails was not subject to status or wealth.

In the last 5 years we have seen a increase in the popularity of the nail tool industry. The nail industry in the UK has seen huge growth, having the best cuticle prep tools for your kit is more important now than ever.

At PersoNAILity we ensure that our range is up to date, innovative and that our products are the best on the market. We started out in 2019 with 5 products in our range, we continue to add to our offering with new high quality, affordable tools and treatments all the time.

When Jenni (our founder) invented The Split Multi tool, she designed it with nail techs in mind, it’s the only tool in the world where you can change the heads for your own preference and to work with a tool that’s curated specifically for you!

All of our tools are hand finished to ensure the sharpest tools, they are precision cut and coated for optimum durability and longevity.

Keep an eye out for new tools coming soon, including our first ever E-File, the Hush.

Happy Prepping! xx

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