What a year this has been! But out of it, came PersoNAILity. It all started at the beginning of lockdown 1.0 when the world was in lockdown. The salons were closed and there was nothing else to do but make banana bread, go on a daily walk and master an espresso martini! But after a few weeks of flicking through Instagram and trying to master the latest TikTok dance, it was time to start thinking of ways to expand the salon whilst it was closed.

The idea had come a few years before but like many things had been put on the back burner as we never had the time to develop it. We had no excuse now! So we started up the process again, contacted the manufacturers and designers and got the ball rolling again. 

With a few tweaks, adjustments and delays due to Covid, a few months later we had our first prototypes! But with salons still closed it was difficult to trial them. Fast forward a few weeks and Boris finally let us back to work and we got to use the tools on real clients! 

The range started with the brow tools, PersonEYElity and once we were happy with those we developed the nail range which has collective become known as PersoNAILity. 

The naming of the tools came easily to us, as the brand was born into a year where our personality traits were tested to the maximum, we felt it only right to name them with the good traits that we saw so many of you showing over this extremely hard time. 

It’s been a journey, there’s been highs, lows, tears and tantrums but we finally have a brand which we love and you lot have been so encouraging!  We’re pretty sure there’ll be more challenges to come but hopefully, now you’ll also join us on our journey. 

Please always feel free to give us ideas, suggestions and feedback along the way. This will be your journey too. 

And remember, ‘In a world where you can be anything, be kind’ 💚


  • June 28, 2021


    Do you recommend we oil our tools and if so which oil do you recommend please? I don’t want to mess my tools up using the wrong oil. Thank you


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